Friday, 15 May 2009

Where do you find the time?

Over lunch today with the lovely Pippi (who came bearing thrifted goodies which I will blog about later), we were discssuing where people find the time to do such creative things, and also blog about them.

We have kids, they have kids. What are we doing wrong?

Do they stay up really late at night? Do their kids sleep for hours each day? Do their husbands help around the house to give them more free time? Do they have nannies, maids, or other domestic help?

I suspect the answer to most of these is, no. So what are they doing that we aren't?

Pippi and I would love to know when you find/make/steal time to do your crafting.

Please, let us in on the secret.


Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

I'm with you- I cannot believe that people can:

- Raise kids
- Craft and create; and- Blog

I quit my job to craft, and I'm supported by my wonderful partner, and I have no kids- yet still I find it hectic!! I'll be curious to see what other people say.

Carolyn said...

I asked the same question not long ago!
My current solution is:untidy house and late nights.
I also limit these and limit my craft as I do want to be a nice mummy who is not constantly tired!

Loz and Dinny said...

A designated craft spot so you can have something on the go and not have to tidy... and a daughter who still has a daily sleep! Oh and I rarely iron anything - it's overated :) But best of all I have a monthly craft night with my crafty pals which is bliss - uninterrupted ... inspiring and motivating. PS Can't wait for Melbourne - thanks for visting me!

Amy Sheaves said...

A very, very good question. I have no time to 'craft' (let's ignore the fact that if I did have the time, I am hopeless at it anyway). But, I think when you really love something you are able to find the time.

My favourite past time is naval gazing (tragic, I know) so you can't imagine my joy when I discovered blogging earlier this year. I now have a place where I can discuss, rant or rave about whatever I like to an imaginary audience.

Perhaps there is a divide between you crafty types from those that get much joy from just doing it, to those who also enjoy creating but get further satisfaction from being able to present their creations to the cyber world? I enjoy cooking, but I really enjoy entertaining. Do you get what I mean?

tashalou said...

when you find out will you let me know too please?

Philippa said...

I was thinking about this too! (probably from reading too many crafty blogs and feeling depressed)
I am finally back to my two evenings dedicated 'housework and computer free' to craft - though in reality this only adds up to a couple of hours.
My S.I.L. would agree with Loz and Dinny about the dedicated craft spot - that is how she manages so much craft with 5 kids - a few minutes here and there without having to pack away.

pippi said...

glad to be thought of as lovely!
Ohand Jo, now that the boys share a room, im intending to have the sewing machine set up full time, so i can snatch a few mins here and there

Cass said...

I work 4 days so in my house it means a messy house and late nights when the kids are in bed. Luckily my partner doesn't mind the messy house and he's always up late too

Rach said...

Some of them do have nannies. And families that look after the children while they craft. And some have assistants. Yep - some of the big names in the crafting world (the fabric designers for example) have assistants.

The truth is, we can't do it all. Someone else has to help!

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