Thursday, 28 May 2009

Apple picking.

We went apple picking here on the weekend.

It was muddy and rainy and cold, but we had a great time stomping and munching our way through the orchards.

We picked 22kg of Granny Smith and Sundowner apples to take home, as well as the ones we ate while picking. Fresh apples are so unbelievably juicy and heavy. YUMMO!!

We have made muffins, cakes (the one above is particularly yummy with it's sunken cinnamon covered apple slices), tart tartine (inspired by Masterchef) and of course baby food for our little man who will soon be starting solids.


Cass said...

Thanks for the link we will have to go there next year. We were looking at one down near Bowral to pick at but this is closer

Rach said...

Yum. Will have to check that out (the link that is). x

Nana Jan said...

That apple tea cake looks yummy. I've printed off the recipe - It would be great to serve at Mah Jong afternoon tea.