Friday, 22 May 2009

Happy things.

A sweet big sister with a sleeping baby on her lap.

A pile of books from a newly discovered library, including the one about boys I have been told I should read.

And something finished off my to-do list.
A scarf for Sarah.
Yes, it is a bit wide for her tiny frame, but it is finished!!!

It is backed in pinky/purple fake fur and is very soft and cosy.
Any hint of itchiness or scratchiness near a childs neck, and you know they will never wear it!!


sophie said...

wow that first picture nearly had me in tears, it's beautiful! The scarf is great, it's exactly the style I want to make for myself.

Nana Jan said...

Well done in getting something crossed off your to-do list! Sarah looks beautiful in the scarf - the colours are great. A lovely photo of Sarah with Benjamin - what a beautiful sister she is.

Love, Nana Jan.

Tania said...

There are one of those sweet big sisters in my house too. Love the scarf you made yours - and goodness, a reminder to read THAT book to boot!

Philippa said...

Beautiful scarf and model!
And finished before Monday - I'm impressed!

Karen said...

That is the most adorable photo I have seen in ages - so sweet.
Love the scarf, great colours. I'm a Sandi Henderson fan too!