Monday, 18 May 2009

Monday to-do list.

In an attempt to try and up my actual crafting, I am going to make a weekly to-do list on Mondays, and hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have done everything (or at least something), on it.

This week:

3+ bibs for my very chucky baby. Most of the shop bought ones I have are pathetic, and not absorbent at all. The other day when I had to stop in the carpark of a certain Pennant Hills Fabric Shop to feed Ben (he was screaming his head off!), I just had to pop in and buy some thick towelling material (among other things), so that should be perfect for the job.

Kid's scarf for Sarah because she keeps wearing mine and is certain to lose/ruin it. I have seen some cute ones here, here and here.


pippi said...

Sounds like a very good plan.

Naomi bought me a bib for benny when he was born at a market, and one side was a thick terry and the other had a funky music design on it. The most practical bib i have ever had. the other good one was just a piece of terry, with an opening with that stretchy stuff (the stuff they use on tracky cuffs) around it. they are excellent too.

Nana Jan said...

I'm very impressed with those neat shelves!

To-do lists are great - I couldn't do without them. Even if you don't get to do all the jobs, even crossing one off at the end of the day can be a great feeling.

Love, Nana Jan.

Philippa said...

From my experience with two happy chuckers, terry is the best!

Love to see the finished scarf next Monday ; )

I almost hyperventilated when I saw that Flower Fairy fabric in the fabric shop...gasp

One Flew Over said...

I have a littl eboy who is a chronic dribbler...I have found dry bibs to be quite good!