Monday, 4 May 2009

Hats and grumpy babies.

This was me the other night while Dave was in Adelaide, trying to cook dinner with a grumpy baby in the sling. I always wear an apron over the top so he doesn't get splashed, (and so my Babyhawk doesn't get dirty!!)

He looks really impressed, hey.

Today I made a few baby hats using the things I bought at the oppy the other day. I used 2 of the striped t-shirts and this dress.
The dress is big enough for at least 2 hats, and maybe a pair of comfy baby pants too.

These are so simple to make. A bit of applique would be cute and jazz them up at bit don't you think?


Nana Jan said...

What a great idea of putting the apron over the top of the sling (even if Benjamin isn't too impressed).

The baby hats are very cute. I don't think they need any applique. Also, maybe it would be hard to do on stretch fabric.

Love, Nana Jan.

Cass said...

Great hats, an applique could be cute

Jenny said...

That is such a clever idea to make the hats out of old T-shirts. They look really cute (and cheap too!)

Polka Dot Daze said...

Oh what a great idea. I have been busy making track pants for my little man. But I will definitely add a hat or two to my list.