Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Back again.

This blog has suffered neglect yet again.
I have been sick with a suspiciously piggy illness for the last 3 weeks, and we were away on holidays in Victoria before that.

During my illness this little man has taught himself to sit and to crawl.

This middle sized man is having an operation tomorrow. His nickname around these parts is "Captain Brave", so we are hoping he will get through it OK.

The yard has been very neglected also. Look at all those weeds in the grass!
Dave has been away so much, and when he is home he has been playing nurse and housekeeper (and has done a wonderful job!!)

Hopefully life will get back to normal in the next few weeks, after Dave returns from Japan next weekend that is...
And apparently I am enrolled in something called 'university', really must look into that one day very