Monday, 25 May 2009

Ready for posting and a new list.

Mail Swap letters all done and ready for posting.
Well a postcard was all this 6 year old boy could manage, but he did really well getting all 5 done.
I managed to make the scarf and one bib from last Monday's to-do list. Not too bad.
New list for this week:
2+ bibs for Baby Ben
Print photos and make a collage to go in the large black frames I bought from Ikea a few weeks ago.


Loz and Dinny said...

look at that concentration! so lovely! Nothing better than giving and receiving snail mail!!

Nana Jan said...

What a great thing for the kids to be doing. Are they doing the mail swap with kids in other countries?

Is that a new lounge in the background? It looks great.

Good luck with your 'to-do' list this week. I've only got one thing on mine - work on Benjamin's quilt.

Love, Nana Jan.