Friday, 31 October 2008

Tutorials...and dress ups.

This is our dress up box (well, suitcase).

I had always thought we were pretty well stocked until I saw Soule Mama's, now I have dress up envy.

And speaking of tutorials in my last post , this blog has a huge list of links to free tutorials, all conveniently put into categories.

She is also doing a blog giveaway at the moment so check it out!!


Little Munchkins said...

Thanks for stopping by at my blog :)

I still have plenty more tutorials that I have saved but haven't updated yet in my blog. Will try to do so soon.

Nana Jan said...

What an amazing dress-up corner - so neat! But, I'm sure the kids have lots of fun rummaging through the antique suitcase, never quite sure what they're going to find at the bottom.

Love, Nana Jan.

Rach said...

Hi Jo,

great new blog - will update my link. Many congrats - I didn't know you were having a baby! I am very happy for you.


Jo said...

Thanks Rach for the good wishes. I think maybe I was a little bit cryptic when I announced my pregnancy on the old blog.
Jo xx

Philippa said...

Hmmm that is a fabulous dress up corner...but your dress ups Jo still look pretty good to me...ours are currently shoved in a drawer of the toy cupboard...not much inspiration happening there.

Bec said...

Ooooh, what a gorgeous case full of dress-ups. Makes me want to dive right in and start playing :)