Monday, 27 October 2008

My Space

After almost 2 years, my sister in law has moved out of our house, and now I am left with 2 empty rooms.

This one, which was her living area, is destined to become 'my space'.

I briefly thought about moving the playstation and the lego up here for the kids, then decided no, I would love a space of my own to leave my sewing and crafting things set up.

It also has to double as a guest room/ironing/drying washing in wet weather room, but I don't mind, I am a good sharer. And actually, it isn't even a proper 'room', it is more like a large landing, but I am happy.

I even took down the curtains and washed them today, which really speaks about my excitement because I am not the curtain washing kind, usually.

1 comment:

Nana Jan said...

Great idea! We all need to have a space to call our own. Washing the curtains was a good start on getting it just the way you want it. I'm sure you'll spend many happy hours there.

Love, Nana Jan