Friday, 24 October 2008

Back to school...

My kids are going back to school on Monday. Our adventure in homeschooling is over.

I am glad we tried it or I would have always been left wondering, but now I know that it is not really for us. I was terrible at it, basically.

There have been lots of positives though, particularly the time they got to spend playing with each other.


Philippa said...

Well done for trying - just the thought of home-schooling sends shivers up my spine! I'm you'll all fondly remember this time in your lives : )

Amy said...

Give yourself a break, my goodness Jo! You were how many weeks in bed sick?...and now how many weeks pregnant, doing uni, running a household and raising 3 children??? It's a myth...we can't have it all!!!! I take my hat off to you for trying. Amy xxx