Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Upcoming projects

At the risk of sounding like a 'gunna', one of those people who is gunna do something... one day, here are a few projects I am hoping to complete soon.

Some pants for the baby using this pattern. I don't know the sex of my baby so am going to make some of each and give away any that are not used.

Do something with this t-shirt that Jonty has outgrown. I love the robot and have thought of maybe turning him into a throw cushion for J's bed?? Any other ideas?

Use this fabric I bought yesterday at Pennant Hills. (I had to drive right past the shop on my way to the OB, how could I not stop??)
Sarah wants a skirt out of the turquoise fabric, and I will make some bibs/pants out of all of them, something along the lines of these. I have some bamboo fleece to back the bibs with, super soft and very absorbent.

These arrived yesterday from here and at less than $2.00 per metre, I think they are terrific. Could be used as trims on bibs, or pencil cases for christmas presents??

This brown lightweight corduroy was $2.00/m at Spotlight so I couldn't resist buying a couple of metres. I am thinking tote bags, library bags etc... lined with the other fabrics, depending on who the recipient is.

Now to convince the kids to help me carry all my sewing stuff upstairs to my new space.....


Nana Jan said...

Wow! Seeing all the sewing projects you have in mind makes me wish I hadn't given my sewing machine away. Love those baby pants. The bamboo fleece sounds interesting.

Can't wait to go to the Pennant Hills fabric shop next time I'm down to get some small pieces of applique fabric. The range available at Spotlight in Lismore is pathetic!

Love, Nana Jan.

Philippa said...

Oh those pants are cute!!!
Love the material. How long has that craft store been there? And to think I used to live fairly close by... :-(