Sunday, 26 April 2009

The unthinkable.

As someone who loves food, and regularly blogs about food, last night I did the unthinkable.

I had a dinner party and FORGOT TO TAKE ANY PHOTOS OF THE FOOD!!!!!!!!!
(Photos of the leftovers will have to suffice, sorry...)

And it wasn't just any old dinner party, it was an Indian Feast.

There were 19 adults, and 20 kids, and everybody brought a couple of dishes. The kitchen bench was literally covered in food (would have made a great photo!!)

I made Dahl with my mum's recipe, and spiced fish.

The kids also took shifts at the microwave and popped 200 pappadums!!!!

We ended up with some leftovers which are all but gone now. Mmmmm

(leftover dahl, biryani, mango chutney, and pappadums we had for lunch)

(Matt loading up a pappadum)

(apricot anf pistachio kulfi)

I usually don't like Asian desserts but these were so yummy. My friend Jen made them and I am hoping to get the recipe off her to share.
Earlier in the week I made some pesto using my friend Kim's recipe, and I also discoverd a great new food blog.


Loz and Dinny said...

ooo that kulfi looks fine! Love indian feasts - even the day after shot got me feeling all hungry. Thanks for your comment over at mine - apparently 8 year old street cred is cool...

Amy Sheaves said...

I can't really say that plate of left-overs looks appetising, however I'm sure the real thing was absolutely wonderful.