Friday, 17 April 2009

Screen Free Day!!

Every so often Dave and I declare 'screen-free day', which means no TV, DS, playstation or computer. The kids are never impressed at first, but if I can be strong and resist the pleading they always have a great day!
They eventually start coming up with really creative and fun ideas, and by the end of the day they are getting along with each other much better than normal.

So what did they do today?

a trip to the library
played at the park
made a spider home and caught a spider to live in it (there are VERY big airholes on the top so the spider will probably escape overnight)
cooked meringues with Dave, YUM!!
touch footy
scalextric racing

and made these bookmarks, including one for Dave to take with him when he travels, with pictures of everyone on it.

All you need are some photos printed out 'contact sheet' size, some cardboard, and a laminator. Simple.

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Nana Jan said...

What a great fun day without technology! Hope Nana Jan is on the list to receive one of the great photo bookmarks (only 8 weeks until my Birthday - hint, hint).