Wednesday, 15 April 2009

At the moment...

...this is what is happening here. Dave and Sarah are painting her bedroom.

This is what she asked for for her 9th Birthday which was a few weeks ago.

I would show you a colour picture but it is rather bright. I am hoping when the furniture goes back in it will calm down a bit.

And as Dave is on holidays, he has the job of making me lots of these, because I sneakily have not learnt how to use the new coffee machine yet. Pretty clever hey!


Little Miss Pepperberry said...

What a gorgeous family you have- and what a wonderful birthday present for Sarah! What colour did she want her room? Or is she doing a theme?

Jenny said...

Don't ever learn how to use the coffee machine! Just let everyone else make you coffee! Ha Ha

pippi said...

I want to see the colour Jo! Things always look better once the furniture is back in.

Nana Jan said...

Can't wait until the colour is revealed. I'll bet it's fantastic.

Love, Nana Jan.

P.S. That coffee looks good.