Thursday, 16 April 2009

School holiday fun!

We ventured out to the Australian Museum today.

We have been there before, but not for a while, and it is really fascinating to see how their interests change over time. Matt was all about the dinosaurs and skeletons last time, but this time was fascinated by the spiders and the mineral collection. I wonder what will be next?

We came home via the Sydney Fish Markets with prawns, mussels and salmon in our esky bag.
Dave cooked up the mussels for dinner and they were delicious!!!!!

The last paint touch up has happened on Sarah's room so she should be able to move back in tomorrow. I promise I will take a colour piccy then.
And I have also started sewing for the Snailblazer swap. Stay tuned for a sneak peak one day soon.


Nana Jan said...

What a wonderful day out. Looks like you all had a terrific time. It was great to see the photos of the kids - I miss them so much. Dave certainly hasn't lost his touch in the kitchen!

Lots of love, Nana Jan.

Little Miss Pepperberry said...

This looks like a wonderful family day! I can't wait to get a sneak peek of your Snailblazer Swap items... I'm planning a sneak peek soon too, as I've nearly finished mine! I got a bit carried away :-)

Little Miss Pepperberry said...

Oh, by the way, I keep trying to respond to your comments on my blog via email but can't because they come from a no-reply blogger address. I would love it if you could email me an address I could respond to! Thanks :-)