Monday, 20 April 2009

Room reveal and a sneak peek!

School holiday smiles.

Despite my cleaning and de-cluttering frenzy, the kids are having a great break from school.

That pile of stuff in the corner is no longer after our trip to IKEA on Saturday. We took the trailer and went to town!! That corner now has a floor to ceiling 'pantry' cupboard.
A place for little used appliances, bulk food (Dave always goes nuts when he goes to Aldi), lunch cooler bags, cartons of beer, soft drinks, and anything else that doesn't fit in the kitchen cupboards.

And here the colour of Sarah's room is revealed. In the morning sun it is almost flourescent!

Some curtains, and the pictures put back on the wall will help it look less green I'm sure.
It does look nice and fresh and clean though, and she really loves it so that is the main thing.

And lastly, a sneak peek of what I am making for the Snailblazer swap.


Little Miss Pepperberry said...

Hi Jo! That is a stunning colour Sarah chose for her room. I'm currently designing a 'chill out room' for my house and that's my main colour! Love it :-)

I've also just realised that I replied to your comments on my blog, but they came from an anonymous address so my responses would never have got to you! I'm very sorry. I really appreciate hearing from you, and would love to know your email so I can respond. You can contact me at littlemisspepperberry (at) gmail (dot ) com.

:-) Sandra

Nana Jan said...

I just love that lime green colour - the room looks great, especially with the new furniture - very clean and fresh!

The new floor to ceiling pantry cupboard sounds interesting - can't wait for a photo.

Love, Nana Jan.

Amy Sheaves said...

I love the wall colour! You are so clever.

Kylie said...

Thanks for the links to those tutorials, I'm hoping to have another try at my applique tomorrow with some stabilizer... fingers crossed!

Love, love, love the colour of your daughter's room. It's so fresh and pretty. Great choice.

I have to say I'm very intrigued by the sneaky look at your swap project... must get to work myself! ;)

Philippa said...

I love green - walls look fantastic! I don't know how you manage time to sew with a little baby and all the others home on school holidays. Very impressed!!!