Tuesday, 18 November 2008

On Sunday I went to the Mathilda's Market that was held at Lane Cove.

There were lots of lovely handmade goodies and I got to see two blog friends, Cass and Ingrid in person.

I bought two gorgeous printed muslin wraps including this one above from The Hip Infant.

And as I have renounced most housework due to my growing size, Dave decided to clean the bathrooms on the weekend.

When he got to the one that the boys mostly use I heard a shout of terror when he lifted the toilet seat. He then proceded to pull the whole toilet apart to scrub it, then one by one invited the boys in to explain their "technique" (aim, stance, etc...) to see where they were going wrong. I was giggling to myself the whole time....

And if you want to have a really big toilet/potty related belly laugh, read this post from Is there any mommy out there?. I seriously almost wet my pants reading this!!

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