Friday, 14 November 2008

Everyday life...

My budding Chef is producing his own cookbook, "Yummy Cooking".

Some of the recipes are traditional; pancakes, muffins etc... but some are new and innovative like 'Dessert Delight'. This involves layers of pancakes, marshmallows, choc chip muffins and ice-cream. YUM!!

This makes me smile. Matt made it for me when he was in Kindergarten. If he succeeds in playing cricket for Australia one day, he can thank me and my 'funny bowling' in helping to prepare him.

A belly shot taken yesterday. I am 30 weeks.

A smile after homework is done for the day and you can lie on Mum and Dad's bed to watch telly.

The face of one who wishes his homework was finished.

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Nana Jan said...

Great photos of the kids!

I'm looking forward to seeing a copy of Jonty's cookbook. Will they be for sale?

Wow, 30 weeks - won't be long now.

Love, Nana Jan.