Thursday, 18 February 2010

Pram rug and thrifted shirt shorts.

My wonderful mother arrived this week to help out while Dave is in Japan.
She brought Ben this gorgeous pram rug that she knitted. I love the colours, and it is so well made and finished. Thanks Mum.
Ben is wondering why we have covered him up with a rug when the weather is hot and sticky????
At Monday Craft this week I made Ben a pair of shorts from a thrifted shirt. I traced around a pair he already had instead of using a pattern, and use the side seams that are already on the shirt as the side seams for the shorts.
This is such a cheap and esay way to get a funky pair of shorts.
$3.00 for the material, and $0.00 for a pattern.

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Rach said...

Great shorts and great idea - my kinda sewing! X