Thursday, 4 February 2010

Dairy free.

The day we found out there was a good reason why our baby woke every 45 mins in the night, cat-napped through the day, and spent way more time crying and vommiting than 'normal', was a joyous day! A CMP (cow's milk protein) intolerance was the cause, and the poor little man had been in real pain.

The downside to this was that I had to cut all dairy out of my diet. No more cheese, chocolate, and flat whites. No more cream, butter, and margarine. And no more smoked salmon pasta, the house speciality from my kitchen. It has been tough.

These two products have helped get me through the past 7 months.
Rice milk is actually quite nice, and I have it in my coffee, tea and cereal. It is a lot blander than Soy (which tastes awful to me), and has been fine to use in cake and pikelet making too.
This OXFAM dark chocolate spread is also dairy free, and delicious. You could spread it on bread, but I just eat it on a spoon out of the jar.

Our basil plants in the garden are HUGE, just begging for some pesto to be made. I am wondering how it will taste without the parmesan cheese??


Gina said...

Oh my word. Where did you get that chocolate spread?! Fair trade and all!

I'm so glad for you that you found out why bubs was so grizzly and awake. But so sorry for the giving-up-dairy factor. What a great mum you are... I'm sure weaning will be bittersweet once you get there, but it will be nice to be able to eat your favourites again.

Jo said...

hi mum i just put another post on my blog!!

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