Thursday, 11 February 2010


This week I have spent more time chatting with groups of women than I have in a long time. Playgroup, Bible Study, Monday Craft and Mother's Group have all started back up again after the holidays (How, you may well ask, do I have time to attend all these groups and still look after a household?? Good question, perhaps come and check out my house for the answer, or don't actually).

Anyway, back to the point. Spending time with women is something I love, love, love! I love the laughter, the nattering, the sharing of wisdom, and realising that I am not the only one who is a work in progress as a Christian, as a wife and as a mother.

(Me and 3 of my wonderful "sisters". Hope you don't mind appearing on this blog girls).

It's also a good time of year to remind myself how to be a good friend and sister in Christ.

Both gossip and flattery, are a temptation for me. Barbara Hughes in 'Disciplines of a Godly Woman' defines them as:

"Gossip is saying behind a person's back what you would never say to her face. Flattery is saying to a person's face what you would never say behind her back".

Note to self, watch your tongue Jo.

Note to God, please help.


Gina said...

Good definitions of gossip and flattery! I'm susceptible too. This week has also been my return to nattering with women... it's a good thing isn't it.

Pip said...

Timely post Jo!
Good to be reminded of those things. Still trying to find my niche of nattering younger (ie under 50!) mothers here. Enjoy what you have - it is precious : )

pippi said...

You are very lucky indeed Jo.