Monday, 25 January 2010

Organisation with school age children (Part 2)

Homework and School bags are two potentially stressful things that enter the house once your kids start school.

We use the trusty IKEA Expedit storage unit to store our kids shoes and their school bags. School bag above and shoes below hidden away in a box, very simple but stress free!

I got sick of the "I can't do my homework because I can't find a pen, pencil, rubber, sharpener, glue stick....blah blah etc etc", so I devised the Homework Tin. It's just an old cannister filled with all of the above. I make sure it is well stocked, and there is no excuse for not doing homework.


Pip said...

Rob and I were just talking about your storage system this afternoon! Due to a tragic absence of Ikea in this state we discovered that office works have a similar (though obviously lesser style and quality!!) one. Off to order one this week : )

Elsie said...

What fantastic ideas! I really enjoy reading your blog.

I have an IKEA two tiered shoe rack and I leave my backpack by the floor. Would love to do something similar to what you've done.

Le Loup said...

Never had any problem with bags etc with our three boys, they kept their suff in their room and were pretty good at keeping it tidy.
Clothes however are a different matter! Very often we would find clothes in the wash basket that we knew had only just been washed and not as yet worn! But this was not a problem.
Le Loup.