Friday, 29 January 2010

Just you and me baby.

The big kids returned to school yesterday, and now I am back to hanging out with my little man. He is good company, laughs at my lame jokes, and doesn't complain much.

Uni starts back in 2 weeks. I have transferred into a straight BA as there was no way I could complete 3, four week pracs in the next 2 years. A combination of 4 young children, no grandparents in Sydney and a husband who travels (he is on a plane home from Malaysia at this very moment), meant this was going to be impossible, particularly if I wanted to maintain my mental health, lol.
This way I can finish my BA and do a Dip Ed later on down the track, maybe when Ben is at school.
I had to pick a second major and have followed in my mother's footsteps and chosen Sociology. It looks very interesting, although some of the theories have me a tad worried.

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