Thursday, 14 January 2010

Am I creative??

This is a really good question, and in the past I would have said, "sometimes" or, "a little bit". And if comparing myself to some wonderfully talented people out there, then the answer would probably have been, "No!".

I am beginning to feel a bit differently about all this though, thanks to a wonderful book that has been sitting on my shelf for over a year. My mother gave it to me for my second to last birthday. I decided to pick it up and start reading it after a chance encounter in Borders Bookshop this week.
A man was rifling through some travel guides in the sale bin, and his girlfriend said to him,
"Don't buy that. You're never going to go there!".
My heart broke for that man. Just because he may never go to Mongolia or wherever, whats to stop him imagining and dreaming about it?
And just because I may never make a living as an artist, why shouldn't I enjoy the pleasure of drawing, of creating something, of being creative...
I have been reading it in bed at night, and drawing things from around the room, often using my ipod touch instead of paper. The above drawing is a pile of folded laundry on my dressing table.
I would show you the portrait of my sleeping husband in his undies, but this is a G rated blog.


Kylie @ alittlereddress said...

I think everyone should follow their dreams and if you enjoy drawing, go for it... but thanks for not posting your hubby's portrait! :O)

Jenny said...

Everyone is creative. They just choose weather to show it to others. You are a wonderful creator and I love reading your blog

Rach said...

What a wonderful post - I love it. And yes, that poor man. I say buy the book and fuel your dreams even if you get no further than Melbourne! And good on you for drawing! X

Le Loup said...

Don't try and draw your image in one stroke. Move the pencil like when raking the garden, small strokes that take you further each time.
Not really my sort of blog, but it is AUSTRALIAN!!!
Regards, Le loup.