Wednesday, 13 February 2008

The idea.

Frustration!! The readings I need for an assignment have been taken off the Uni website for 2 days now. For what reason, I do not know. I actually want to get this assignment done early so I can have it checked by the Teaching and Learning Centre. Essays are a weakness for me, and this lecturer only gave me a pass+ for my last essay (last year). I would love to get at least a credit.
This essay is about integrating Creative Arts into other curriculum areas which makes perfect sense to me, but is a radical idea for some teachers out there.

Speaking of teachers, have I mentioned my idea yet?

I am thinking of pulling the kids out of School in term 4 and trialling homeschooling. Why you ask? Has she flipped? Is this another one of Jo's crazy ideas? Is she battling her contentment issues again, and feels the need to change something in her life? Read on, no, maybe, and no.

My issue is that I think the kids (particularly Matt) have lost their passion for learning. He is a bright button (do I sound like one of those mothers?), and is so bored at school. I would love to let them have some time to learn about the things that they are interested in, not what the teacher has programmed (don't you hate that word, program!). I feel it's time I took some serious responsibility for their education other than getting them to school and supervising (extremely boring!) homework.

I have this romantic (wonderful) idea of homeschooling; excursions to the beach to study rockpools, building giant sculptures in the loungeroom, microscopes, telescopes, experiments, and snuggling up on the lounge (with popcorn) to watch cool documentaries. I will keep you posted.

'Inspiring Teachers' was on again tonight (thanks for calling to remind me mum).
This is a great show, definitely worth watching.

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