Thursday, 6 December 2007

New ideas.

For those wondering how the shirring is going, let me say.....................I rock at shirring!! I have followed the instructions to the letter and taken my new sewing machine back to the shop where I bought it and got a quick lesson from the lady. I know what I am doing now!!! (And thanks Bron for the advice also).

Today I have made Sarah a dress, and also a top for a little princess from Hornsby Heights who is coming over tomorrow. I will take photos when the owners are modelling their new fashions.

Matt is desperate for me to make him something so I am going to have a go at some Boxer Shorts. I have been searching the net for a free pattern, but may have to go and buy one.

I took the top photo at Sculpture By The Sea a few weeks ago, I think something similar would look cool on a t-shirt, with lots of "stuff" sewn on, (ribbons, beads, buttons etc...) I am working on this idea...
In the other photo (also taken at Bondi Beach) Sarah is wearing my favourite bag that I bought from Target. A black and white version would be lovely, I will put that on the list to make too.
Off to bed, thanks for the lovely messgaes.

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