Sunday, 30 December 2007

Christmas Day.

Finally, blogger is playing nice and letting me post some piccys of Christmas Day. We had a wonderful day with Dave's half of our family, a total of 14 people.
We told our early rising kids not to wake us until at least 6am, at 6.01 they were in our room... We opened our pressies, had brekky, then went to Church.

Sarah taking after her mother, shaking the presents......
and taking lots of photos.....
Jonty polishing off the Gingerbread House......
Just some of the food (roast beef, pork and chicken), we also had ham, prawns and smoked salmon, baked vegies, and a million salads.... and dessert!!
Of course Christmas Day means matching clothes for the boys, the only day I can really get away with it. (Sarah really needs a sister..............)

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