Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Ugly Beautiful.

The Ugly:
 Ben, our 2 year old, pulling a bowl of boiling noodles off the kitchen bench onto himself.

 Me, holding him under cold running water in the kitchen sink, him screaming, me watching the skin on his chest bubble and wash away.

 The older 3 kids panicking waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

Multiple hospital visits to the burn clinic.

The tears and obvious terror of your 2 year old, and not being able to do much else, other than cuddle, soothe and try and distract with bubbles, books and wiggles dvds.

The Beautiful:
Knowing that God was and is with us, and that he is still good.
The prayers of friends and family around the world.

Friends and elders at Church laying hands on Ben, anointing him with oil, and praying for healing.

The way that God chose to answer those prayers with better than expected healing, and the avoidance of skin grafts, after we were told it was almost certain he would need one (or more)

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Rachael said...

Poor baby! Just catching up on your blog . I really hope he is going ok. Xxx