Thursday, 9 June 2011

Japanese Scarf

I dragged the gang off a couple of Saturdays ago for a "family afternoon" in the inner west. My ulterior motive was to go to the Yoshi Jones warehouse sale in Enmore.

I managed to pick up a few bargains like a cardigan for Sarah reduced from $139 to $10!!

I also bought this bag of scraps ($10) which looked like it could make a great scarf.

And here it is! (As with all my sewing, it could use a good iron and the threads cut off).

The awkward self portraint. I'm looking a bit like a Ninja.


pippi said...

love the self portrait. how many pics did you take before you chose that one. I am hopeless of taking pics of myself showing off my creations... well done Jo

Erica said...

The self portrait is awesome! Love it!

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