Monday, 28 June 2010

Viking Dinner party

We belong to a Foodie Group, (which evolved out of our Bible Study group) that meets every couple of months to cook and eat together. We have a theme, and in the past have done French, Indian, Australian, Spanish, Italian etc..
This month was Scandinavian Viking! I decided to have a go at making gravlax, a cured salmon dish.

Apparently the Vikings would just bury theirs in the sand for a few months and eat it when it was nice and fermented. I decided to go with the hygenic glad-wrap/fridge metheod. It was delicious!!! I used this recipe.

Someone brought a bottle of Mead. I thought it tasted awful, like bay leaves, but some people really liked it.

Here is my plate before I pillaged it. From left, walnut flat bread, roast boar, roast meat, vegetable stew, red cabbage, and the gravlax on bread. I am not sure whether the Vikings would have served it with creme fresh, caviar and capers though...

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