Wednesday, 14 October 2009

What do you do all day?

It really is a funny question. Being a stay at home mum means that no two days are ever the same.
Take yesterday for example. I ...

Made a birthday card for my nephew.
Hung some pictures on the wall.
Washed (actually, scrubbed is a better word) a recent op-shop find.

Tried to make baba ganoush. (Note to self. Pierce the skins before you bake eggplants)

Cleaned the oven, lol.
Went to the library (and paid $10 in fines!! yikes)
Bought the last few things Matt needs for camp.
Played a few games of cluedo.
Helped Sarah bake cupcakes.
Cooked Pad Thai.
Did 3 loads of washing.
Nursed a baby at least 6 times.
Thats all I can remember, after all it was 24hrs ago, but I know there was more.

What did you do all day?

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Philippa said...

My Wednesday's are always the same!
School drop off
Weekly groceries with two kids
Mad attempt at cleaning up
School pick up
Swimming lesson for eldest
Bathing/showering kids
Make dinner
Kids to bed
Bible study in the lounge room
Facebook/blog reading late into the night while avoiding the washing up...better go do it now : )