Thursday, 29 October 2009


I picked up 2 curtain drops of this funky retro material for $2.00 at the Salvos, probably around 6m in total.

I gave half to Pippi and have cut up some to make bibs.

I have since learned that it is 'Hippopotami' by Austfield, and is selling on Ebay for $45 per metre!!
That is one expensive bib Ben.


Cass said...

Great find, you shoudl ahve sold it on Ebay and made a killing

NanaJan said...

What a fantastic bargain! The bibs look great.

pippi said...

Oh im a lucky gal! now imgoing to be stressed as i know whatever i make im going to have to get it right... LOL

Rach said...

Love that fabric - great find.