Thursday, 17 September 2009

Jen's 1/2m Dinner Plate Bag

I'm not sure if that's actually what Jen calls these bags (I'm thinking not), but as you only need 1/2m of fabric and a dinner plate (pretty much) to make one, that's what I'm calling them.

The very clever Jen was visiting from NZ (check out her blog, she makes the most AMAZING things). While she was making a couple of these bags at my place, we decided to make a tutorial.

My job was to take photographs and to make notes on what she did. Her job was to be clever and make the bags. She did her job, I did half of mine.

I have lots of photos, but unfortunately only limited instructions. I must have got distracted by the kids (there were 8 running around that day).

Here is the picturey tutorial, with a few words. I hope you can work it out. If not, see Jen.

*Start with 1/2m each of the outside and lining fabrics.

*You will also need 20cm for the band across the top.

*Cut 3inches off the bottom of the main fabrics, to use for the handles.

*This is where the dinner plate comes in. Trace around it to get nice rounds corners. Sew around the sides of both bags, (outer and lining).

*Pleat and pin the top. Repeat with lining fabric.

*Attach the band and sew around the top.

*Fold over and tuck in the edges. Topstitch at the top and bottom of the band.

Attach the handles, and a loop for the button if you are having one.

Jen has put hers to good use as you can see here.

Jen and her sister, Katie.


Loz and Dinny said...

gorgeous bag, Jo - you make it look easy! I can send you soem trim if you want to have a go at the giveaway!

pippi said...

Jen is just so truly talented isnt she....I am in awe of her.

sarah said...

Hi! thanks for leaving a note on my blog! I love this bag! i may have to have a go....!!