Friday, 27 March 2009

I am tempted to start this post by saying, "There is not much happening here at the moment...", and lament the fact that with a new baby, I am not getting anything done.

Well I am not getting any crafting, gourmet cooking, or much housework beyond basic cooking and washing done, but there is plenty of this going on.

I am spending hours every day just holding Benjamin, feeding, talking, singing and smiling at him.

He is a delight and has forced me to just be in the moment and enjoy him.


I made this extremely fast, easy and yummy Birthday Cake for Sarah last weekend.

Take the ice-cream out of the freezer and let it soften.

Bash up the Tim tams and Crunchie Bar.

Fold through the softened ice-cream and refreeze for a few hours in a cake tin.

Delicious! (and also very sickly sweet so you had better not give your visitors too much or they may get a tummyache)

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Nana Jan said...

So glad to hear you are spending hours every day just enjoying this time with Benjamin - there will be plenty of time for housework when he is at pre-school!

I'm sure Sarah enjoyed her very yummy quick and easy Birthday cake - much better than some I've seen which take a whole day to prepare.

Love, Nana Jan.