Thursday, 17 January 2008

These are some cards I made today. I am experimenting with ways to use up fabric scraps. Why?, because I am taking part in a Fat Quarter sewing challenge (a fat quarter is 18 x 22 inches).
The idea is to use up the whole thing and not have any scraps left over. You can use it for whatever, and however many items you like.

This is the material I have chosen, even though it actually makes my eyes go weird looking at it. I think it will be good in small doses and go with lots of other fabrics. I have used a small ammount in the gift I am making for a special arty friend, can't give away too much.

This month is a big one for birthdays, my sister, neice, God daughter, and a couple of friends all have birthdays in the coming weeks. I am trying hard to stick with my mostly handmade gifts pledge.

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