Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Great Expectations

I have had so much fun crafting, cooking and blog writing this past month, all the while ignoring this little pile of books on top of the piano.
They are books I need to read for Uni this semester and I am a bit afraid of them....I think I may be one of the only 35 year old women on the planet who has not read 'Pride and Prejudice' (OK, slight exageration, maybe......)
There is also Othello, The Crucible, and Great Expectations which is a very "compact" 500 pages, seriously, the preface describes it as compact!!!! WT

And here is a little bag for my neice Hunter who is turning 5 next week. Luckily she has a small hand because the opening is rather tiny, I must have reduced the pattern incorrectly.

And lastly, CONGRATULATIONS to Amy and Luke my dear friends in the UK who welcomed baby Susannah into the world yesterday.

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