Thursday, 9 December 2010

A bit thick.

I have been wondering why nobody has been commenting on my blog lately, not even my Mum!!  I have just discovered  37 comments awaiting moderation, starting way back in August. I had been getting some spam comments so had turned comment moderation on. Whoops!!


JANE said...

Hi Jo It's hard as a newbie having to learn things by trial and error, isn't it? I've actually turned comment moderation off on my blog as I find people get annoyed having to type in the word verification. If I do get any spam comments, I can just click the rubbish bin icon next to them to delete them. I'd rather my readers enjoyed the commenting process than worry about the (very few) spam comments. Just a thought. J x

Pip said...

Ha...I just found your blog again today after loosing it when I changed web browsers : )