Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Nana Jan

It's lovely to discover a new blog, it's like finding another one of 'your people'.

And this time it actually belongs to one of my family, my mum Jan, aka 'Nana Jan' to her 12 grandchildren, and assorted others.

She is an extremely talented cook, sewer, mah jong player, student, crafter and so many other things.

She made this quilt for Sarah when she was born, and Ben is borrowing it until his is finished, it is well on the way.
Please go and visit Nana Jan and say Hi.


Nana Jan said...

Thanks, Jo. I'm really enjoying the experience of being a blogger.
Love, Mum. xxx

Rach said...

Oh Hello Nana Jan - will go and visit her!

NanaJan said...

I'm using my new Google Account, hope this works.
Love, Mum.