Wednesday, 28 January 2009

ooh pretty...

My babyhawk arrived yesterday. Isn't it pretty. I love the colour and the fabric.

Benjamin was quite content in it this afternoon, helping his Dad to pick some veggies for dinner.

At 6 ft 6, 'Babybjorns' and other similar carriers are just too small for Dave, but the Babyhawk is adjustable to fit both Dave and I perfectly, and it is a whole lot funkier!!!.


Rach said...

What a cool carrier. As we are both a lot shorter than your Dave, we used the Baby Bjorn active with Minnie and loved it. How could anyone go without a carrier? x

Philippa said...

OOOhhhh - I needed one of those!!!
Used a Hug-a-bub for Eden which looks very similar in design but you can't use it for hip or back carrying...why didn't I know about your one??? Is is a relatively new product?
Congrats again by the way - very cute pics : )