Thursday, 8 May 2008

Wow, 100 posts already!!

I started this blog last year as a place to share my crafty spoils with friends and family. It seems to have evolved into something else, I am not really sure what. Maybe this blog has a bit of an identity crisis going?

A little bit crafty, a little bit foody, and a lot of just my daily life as a mum/student/wife/friend/member of society....... So maybe it is just, me.

Very soon this will become a 'homeschool blog' too, of sorts. Yes, we are going ahead with the crazy idea and pulling the kids out of school at the end of this term.

We are totally at peace with this, and are really looking forward to our new lifestyle.

The kids are so excited and can often be heard saying, "When we homeschool, can we learn about XYZ...?"

I have been reading lots of books, blogs, and chatting to other homeschoolers, and am preparing my 'program' for our official Board of Studies visit.

I was thinking a giveaway would be approprite for my 100th post, but I am in the middle of massive Uni assignments, so might have to leave this til' a bit later.

Thanks to everyone who reads and comments, it is lovely.

Oh, and I would like to introduce a brand new blog of a friend of mine in NZ, Jen. She is one of the most talented crafters I know. Enjoy.

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