Tuesday, 22 April 2008


I may have found a reason for my huge collection of Children's Books, and my uncontrollable urge to buy more.

While researching my great-grandfather CH Bertie who was a well known historian, author and librarian at the Mitchell Library, I discovered that he actually established the first public lending library for children in Australia in 1918.

See, my darling husband, it's genetic, and I can't help it.

Here is what I bought earlier in the week from my favourite bookshop.

And Sarah and I had our sewing machines out today. I made a cammo hanky for Jonty (at his request), and this blanket for Matt to snuggle under while watching TV downstairs when he wakes up long before the rest of us. Polar fleece backed with flannelette.

We also had a go at this 200 piece puzzle, but didn't quite finish it. They were not really getting into it, I never really liked puzzles as a child either, must be those genes again.

(Yes, Jonty does have an orange face. It is a leftover tiger face from the fun day he went to yesterday. )

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