Monday, 3 March 2008

We are back from our weekend away at Craigieburn in Bowral. The place was so lovely and we were well looked after. Dave (who organised the conference) was pleased with how it all went.

We waved everyone off yesterday and hung around for a few more hours, had a sleep, then went for a walk where we found these tiny ducklings and their parents. Papa duck was not too happy with Dave getting up close for a photo. He chased him quite a way which was very funny to watch. You can see him starting to charge in this photo, at which point Dave gave up taking photos and ran!!!
A big thank you to our babysitters Aunty Lisa, Grandma and Grandpa. They did a stirling job dealing with Matt sleepwalking (into Jonty's bed) and throwing up (in Jonty's bed) in the middle of the night. THANK YOU!!!!

OK, back to reality. I have about 8 poems to analyse today, and Matt is home from school as he stomach is still not 100%. Of course the Uni website is down AGAIN!!, but I think I know what I am supposed to do.

Oh, and I started reading Pride and Prejudice on the weekend which is not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. For some reason I thought it was going to be in 'Ye Olde English' , but it is quite readable.

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